Alice in Wonderland 

THIS WAS ONLY the second doll meet I had ever attended, back in the spring of 2007 when I was still new to the doll hobby. I must admit that my sewing skills were still very rusty at this point, but I was determined to fit the theme and make Alice in Wonderland costumes for all three of my dolls. Marianne was the traditional “Alice” in her robin’s egg blue dress and white pinafore, while Marielle, with her vibrant candy-floss pink wig became a little “Pink Alice.” Bryn joined the fun dressed as one of the playing cards – his costume was probably the easiest to make. The doll meet took place at the gorgeous Kariya Japanese garden in Mississauga, Ontario, during cherry blossom season. The sky was a vivid blue and the sun very bright that day, but the dolls had fun sitting up in the sakura trees with their friend, the Cheshire Cat.

Marianne is a Doll in Mind Marianne and Bryn a Doll in Mind Aleksei. Marielle is a Leekeworld Sweet.

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