Thoughts on Doll Projects 

IN THIS PROJECTS AREA I’ve gathered together fun things I’ve made for my dolls over the years. There are many things that inspire me. Sometimes it may be a themed doll meet that gives me the impetus to get a project done, such as the Alice in Wonderland meet or the Fairytale meet held in the past by the Toronto BJD group. I get really excited planning out the outfits I’m going to make to fit the theme, and then, of course, there’s the fun of seeing what everyone else at the meet has come up with!

Another great motivator for me is fabric. Sometimes it’s a chance encounter with a particular fabric or trim at one of the many fabric and quilting stores I love to browse in. Sometimes I find a piece at the thrift store that’s just calling out to be remade as a doll outfit, as I did with Ariana’s Sweet Dreams nightgown, made from a toddler’s smocked dress, or Marianne’s mori girl outfit, made from a girl’s skirt.

It’s a challenge sometimes to find just the best way to utilize the existing garment — making sure to preserve details such as trim and embroidery or to reuse an existing hem, if possible. Why not save time? Sometimes I even purchase new kids’ clothing at brand-name discount stores expressly for the purpose of cutting it up for fabric. When you get a discounted item (sometimes marked down even further, if you’re lucky), it can almost be cheaper than buying the equivalent amount of new material from the fabric store!

I plan to continue to add to this project gallery. I hope you enjoy looking around.

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