Kioshi’s Kimono

ALSO in the recent issue of DollyWish, Asian Traditions, I collaborated with Melissa Klamas to bring alive a sweet little geisha. I approached Melissa, whose face-up work I admired, to do a geisha face-up tutorial for the magazine. She chose to use her Custom House Yeonu as a model; however, she didn’t have a kimono or wig for him. I sent her one of Marianne’s black wigs and a two-layered red and gold kimono that belongs to Kioshi.

The pattern for the MSD kimono was one I created (with homage to the long sleeves of the MHD Designs SD pattern). The fabric is a quilting cotton with a lovely satiny sheen to it. The fabric background is a rich red, and the motif is cherry blossoms in cream and gold. I picked up on the gold by choosing a coordinating gold and cream cotton for the underkimono. Melissa did a fantastic job pulling it all together for both an indoor and outdoor photoshoot, and the My Little Geisha article was the result.

Kioshi is happy that he eventually got his kimono back. He does tend to shake up the traditional kimono look a bit with his favourite black boots, complete with red laces. :)

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