Kimono Fabrics 

WHEN I MAKE KIMONOS, it’s all about the fabrics! I love the elegant, colourful designs of traditional Asian prints, whether they be in cotton, silk, or even polyester. My favourite fabrics to work with are high-quality quilting cottons — not only do they look great, but they are easy to sew with and press beautifully. I must admit, I have a bit of a hoard of fabrics in my sewing room, at least half of which are Asian prints.

It can be hard to find Asian-themed prints in your regular fabric store, but specialty quilt shops or online shops are good sources. Several fabric design companies either specialize in or regularly produce Asian-inspired fabrics, including Kona Bay, Robert Kaufman, and Hoffman.



WHEN I FIRST STARTED sewing kimonos for my dolls, I decided to try a pattern and I came across Orientale Moderne by MDH Designs. This pattern is great because it offers many ways to take the traditional idea of the kimono and give it a modern twist, if you like. I’ve made a number of beautiful kimonos with this pattern. Although I have now created a number of my own patterns for kimono and yukata, I still like to incorporate the long, flowing sleeves on my two layer “elaborate” kimonos, because they showcase the fabric patterns and colours so well.

Luckily, the kimono is a very linear garment, so it not structurally complex to create. I now make a number of kinds of doll kimonos ranging from multiple-layered, long-sleeved ones to more traditional kimono and yukata. I am currently working on a hakama pattern for SD boys.


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