Making Doll-Sized Jewelry 

JEWELRY MAKING was a hobby I took up as an undergrad student. At the time I was a student in Kingston, ON, and there was this little bead shop filled with treasures and lots of creative samples to inspire you. But as life got busy, it got put on the back burner for awhile. I took it up again about five years ago when my mom started to make jewelry as well, and now it’s a hobby we can share, even if we favour different styles.

Today I enjoy making jewelry for both people and dolls. In fact, extending into doll jewelry was a natural step. Often, adding a piece of jewelry is just the right accent to a doll outfit, just as it can be on people.

I like to keep my style fluid, but the jewelry styles I get most inspired by are Victorian/historical and steampunk/industrial. I’m equally likely to have cameos and cabochons in my work box as some solid metal chain. The items I’ve made for dolls so far include charm and pendant necklaces and headdresses. I’ve got plenty more designs in mind though, from belts to chain mail to delicate, feminine pieces with Swarovski crystals. Keep checking back to see my latest projects.

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