Blue Silk Regency Dress 

I LOVE SHOPPING for great deals on fantastic fabrics in Toronto’s fashion district. One day I came across this icy-blue silk and knew it would be perfect for Ariana. I wanted a high-waisted, Regency style gown, so I created this pattern by looking at a human-sized costume pattern. Silk can be tricky to work with, as it does fray easily, but a little fray check (or a serger, if you have one) helps a lot. I used lace and criss-crosses of ribbon to accent the centre of the bodice, along with white lace and ribbon roses. One day I will have to take more photos of this dress, as it is full-length and has more roses sewn along the hem. A crystal butterfly necklace completes the look.

Ariana is a Doll in Mind Eun-bi on a Custom House Ai body.

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