Black and White Lolita Style 

I USED TO always buy Haute Doll magazine, and as each new issue appeared, I hoped that there would be a pattern I could try. Nowadays I’m much more comfortable drafting patterns of my own, but when Haute Doll published a Lolita-style pattern, I immediately set out to make dresses for my SD girls (just two, at the time). For Ariana I choose black and white, and for Clara a white tone-on-tone print with a few pale lavender accents. Sewing the pin-tuck collars was the hardest part, but well worth it. Pearl beads and lace head bands complete the outfits.

Ariana is a Doll in Mind Eun-bi on a Custom House Ai body and Clara is a Doll in Mind Belita on a Doll Family body.

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