I MUST ADMIT that I’m a girly girl at heart and I love to sew dresses and skirts for my girls. (My poor boys are somewhat neglected here, although they do get kimonos made for them!)

I enjoy mixing patterns, like florals and stripes, and layering different kinds of laces and trims. Luckily, there are some wonderful specialty shops in the fabric district of Toronto, and I have been known to come home with bags full of trims and lace even before I have the fabric.

Most of the dresses I make have elements of Victorian, Lolita, or other period styles, while not being constrained by any of these. I admire other doll sewers who make sleek, modern designs that look like they came straight off the runway, but that is not my style. I prefer a traditional, vintage, and whimsical look.

Marianne as Mori Girl.

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