Yuki Gioh 

YUKI SAKURAI, NOW GIOH, is based on the character from the manga and anime series The Betrayal Knows My Name (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru) by Hotaru Odagiri. Raised in an orphanage, ignorant of his family connections, Yuki has always known he has the inexplicable ability to “see” the painful secrets of others with a simple touch. At fifteen he learns that he is part of the magically powerful Gioh family, a clan that has been burdened with the task of fighting against demons, known as Duras, from time immemorial.

Certain members of the Gioh family reincarnate in fighting pairs, known as Zweilt Guardians, lifetime after lifetime. Yuki, however, has always been alone, though closely linked with the others as their healer and “mother” figure. Alone, that is, until the lifetime previous when, as the female form he had always taken before, Yuki fell in love with a Duras of the Opast class, Luka Crosszeria. Luka swore to always protect Yuki, and remains Yuki’s protector in the present lifetime, even though Yuki is currently incarnated as a male and has no memories of his past lives.

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