Tamberlaine Raventide 

TAMBERLAINE, known as Tam to his friends, is a young English gentleman. He was a second son and not originally expected to inherit, but when his parents and older brother tragically passed away during an epidemic that spared Tamberlaine, he inherited the family estate. Although he owns a town house in the city, he much prefers to spend time at his country home, in particular in his library there. He is fascinated by natural history and loves to add treasures to his cabinet of curiosities.

On one visit into the city, he came across the waif-like orphan Malachy and decided to adopt him. Malachy was attempting (poorly) to pick Tamberlaine’s pocket at the time, but the boy was not malicious at heart, merely hungry. Tamberlaine’s patience is slowly drawing Mal out of his introverted, silent self. Tamberlaine is also currently tutoring Mal, and the two can often be found on expeditions throughout the countryside or along the seashore looking for natural treasures.

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