THE DOLL CURRENTLY KNOWN AS SHAHI actually evolved out of another character. He is a Rickydoll Helios head. At the time I ordered his head, I was unable to afford a Rickydoll body for him, so he resides instead on a Minimee boy body.

I recently had his face-up redone by the talented Hong Kong-based artist Mingyi. That transformation, along with his new silver grey wig, reminded me greatly of the character Shahi in the Korean manhwa series Boy Princess by Seyoung Kim (see the cover of Volume 8), and so he evolved into that character.

Shahi belongs to a tribe of people known for their skill in the art of preparing herbal and medicinal concoctions. For years he was held in an unwanted relationship with the malevolent and power-hungry Prince Derek, heir to the throne of the kingdom in whose lands Shahi’s tribe resides. Finally free of the prince’s domination, Shahi has returned to a quiet life among his own people in the forested countryside where he is continuing his training as a healer.

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