MARIANNE WAS MY VERY FIRST BJD. Once I came across ball-jointed dolls, I spent a lot of time looking around various doll websites to try to decide which one I might like to buy. Back in 2006, there were far fewer doll companies than there are today! I quickly found myself drawn to the sculpts of the Korean doll company Doll in Mind. Their promo shots of Marianne were so sweet, I just couldn’t resist. I was able to find a North American doll seller that carried a few DIM dolls, and soon she was on the way to me.

I have to credit Marianne with starting off my BJD hobby that has led to my large doll family today. She has gone through many looks since I first brought her home – different wigs, eyes, and face-ups – but that’s the beauty of ball-jointed dolls. She will always have a special place in my heart.
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