Luka Crosszeria 

LUKA CROSSZERIA is based on the character from the manga and anime series The Betrayal Knows My Name (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru) by Hotaru Odagiri. He was born into the demon “clan of sinners” known as Zess. He is marked with the Bloody Cross on his arm that proclaims his as Brand Zess. During the last war he fell in love with Yuki and changed his allegiance to the Gioh Clan. Luka is of the extremely powerful, high-grade class of demon known as Opasts. He has at his command his familiar, the dragon Sodom, who can also assume several other forms, including human.

Prior to changing his allegiance, Luka was bonded to the Demon King by an unbreakable bond. However, once he and Yuki fell in love, Luka made a new contract with Yuki, allowing him to break from his service to the Demon King without suffering annihilation. Luka is a hovering presence near Yuki and acts as his constant protector. Luka has yet to tell Yuki anything about the love they shared during Yuki’s previous lifetime.

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