Bryn and Moryn 

BRYN CAME HOME FIRST, as the third doll in my doll family and my first boy. Little did I know then that I’d end up having far more boys than girls! I was enchanted by Bryn’s sweet face, but he always gave off an impression of quiet sadness to me. When I came across another DIM Aleksei on the Den of Angels marketplace, I knew why – here was Bryn’s twin, and they just had to be reunited.

Once Moryn came to join us, Bryn still seemed quiet, but no longer lonely. Of the twins, Bryn is the shy, contemplative one and Moryn the more spontaneous and outgoing. They like to dress alike, but with different colour schemes. Moryn favours burgundy and red, while Bryn likes blues and more somber tones. They are, and will always be, each other’s best friend.

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