Ariana Raine 

ARIANA was my first SD-sized doll-actually, she didn’t even arrive as a whole doll. By the time I found Ariana, I had already fallen in love with Doll in Mind sculpts. Ariana’s head is an early DIM girl, Eun-bi, so she was no longer available new at the time. I found a Eun-bi head on the Den of Angels Marketplace and snatched it up. Her head lived in a box in my desk drawer for months, and I used to take her out and look at her. I wanted a girl body for her as soon as possible, but DIM was in its “pink resin” phase, so I knew their current bodies would not match this early head mold. I compromised on an exact resin match by going with a Custom House Ai body instead. The body isn’t a perfect match, but it is beautifully made and its resin texture allows for good posing. Plus, I love the hands-so delicate!

Ariana is the older of two sisters (Clara being the younger). The two are very close, Clara often seeking out her older sister for advice or a sympathetic ear. Ariana is quiet and introspective but always sensitive to the needs of others. Her favourite activities are reading and embroidery.

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