Welcome to bjd gear.

Sitting in my room, considering my next doll project.

WELCOME TO BJD GEAR, a place created to share my doll family and the creations I make for them with you. I hope you enjoy your visit.

I have always loved dolls and always loved making things. As a child I made hand sewn and crocheted items for my dolls and stuffed toys. I continued collecting dolls through high school, focussing on large, dressed porcelain dolls based on fairytale and storybook figures, but I was unsatisfied with dolls that sat still behind the glass doors of a cabinet.

In 2006 I discovered ball-jointed dolls when I saw ads from Dollmore and Volks in a fashion doll magazine. I was immediately enchanted by their otherworldly beauty and Asian aesthetic, so different from the look of Western dolls I was used to. With a little internet research, I came across a North American retailer that carried BJDs and bought my first one, a Doll in Mind Marianne. I assumed that the customizability of a BJD would mean I would only ever need one doll — boy, was I wrong about that! Today my doll family consists of nineteen BJDs ranging in size from 16 cm to 70cm.

The most wonderful thing about BJDs to me is what a creative outlet they provide — they are a constant muse and inspiration. I already enjoyed sewing, jewelry making, and creating all sorts of things with my hands, and now I have a houseful of dolls to sew for and dress. They definitely have prettier clothes and jewelry than I do!

I am constantly inspired by other collectors who share their dolls and things they have made online, and in that spirit I’d like to share my doll family and creations with you.


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