A Late Summer Kimono

Willow models her Late Summer Kimono.

IN THE LATEST ISSUE of DollyWish, Asian Traditions, I contributed an article and photo set of my B&G girl, Willow. As I explain in the article, I had received a present from a Japanese friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long time — it was three pieces of Japanese cotton printed with gorgeous traditional motifs, mainly florals. There were three main background colours — navy, red, and a soft yellow. I ended up going with the buttery yellow.

I chose Willow as my model since she didn’t have a kimono of her own yet. I knew her usual long, pink wig wasn’t what I wanted for this outfit, so I ordered her a sweet black wig with bangs and two braided buns. When I put it on her, I was amazed how good it looked against her pale resin. For the kimono, I devised a new pattern with long (furisode) sleeves. I used a red chirimen fabric as the sleeve border, underkimono, and for the sash under the kimono. To draw out the warm peachy tones in some of the large flowers of the kimono fabric, I choose a silk brocade fabric in that shade for the obi. You can’t see it in the photos in the magazine, but I tied the obi in a “drum knot” — or my attempted version of one!

To complete the outfit, Willow wore the geta and kanzashi hair ornament made just for her. You can read more about all these elements in DollyWish: Asian Traditions.

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