Doll North at Anime North

Close up of my table at Doll North showing kimonos and yukata.

FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW, there has been a doll component to Anime North — basically a small doll convention within the much larger anime convention. One of the things that has been most fun for me is the Doll North Marketplace, where amateurs and professionals alike can sell their doll-related wares.

This year, 2012, was the second year I participated in the Marketplace, selling my doll kimonos and yukata. It’s always hectic leading up to the end of May convention date. At that time of year I can usually be found sewing long into the evenings and even during my lunch breaks from work! It’s great to meet other doll collectors and craftspeople at the event.

I had an additional honour this year: making the kimono for the doll mascot of Doll North, Momiji. You can see Momiji in the pink kimono I made for her, to complement the spring cherry blossoms.

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