Chinese Brocade Coat

The beautiful red Chinese brocade fabric and the Chinese-style coat for Malachy.

ALSO in the recent issue of DollyWish: Asian Traditions, I got to dress up my little guy Malachy as a Chinese boy to pair with the incredible Eastern Dragon made by Worms & Bones. I had very little time to put this together, but it was October, and that meant my local fabric store had stocked up on interesting fabrics for the coming Halloween season. I was able to find a beautiful red Chinese brocade fabric (in polyester) that would make a lovely Chinese-style coat for Malachy.

I must admit that the coat was a bit finicky to make — brocade frays a lot. I tried to counter this by lining each part of the coat and turning the pieces before assembling them, but that added extra bulk to the seams that wasn’t ideal. Next time I would definitely use fray check or possibly an iron-on interfacing to counter the fraying. Even so, the coat looks nice in the photographs. Once I had sewn on a few small Chinese frog buttons and swapped out Mal’s usual wig and eyes for Moryn’s golden eyes and one of Marielle’s black wigs, Mal transformed into a perfect Chinese little boy.

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