Asian Traditions now available.

Asian Traditions - The Second Issue of DollyWish Magazine. © Kathy Huang.

THE second issue of DollyWish magazine is now available. The theme for this issue is a rich one – Asian Traditions. Not only do the various cultures of Asia have a unique and beautiful aesthetic, often so different from Western style and design, but they also have a long tradition of doll culture, particularly in Japan.

In fact, many of the dolls so many of us collect – ball-jointed dolls, Pullip and Blythe, (although Blythe was originally created in the US), Momoko, and others – are made in Asian countries, like South Korea, Japan, and China.

In this issue you’ll find a wealth of doll photos and articles inspired by Asian Traditions: beautiful kimonos, a little boy with his amazing Chinese dragon friend, a glimpse into the fascinating world of Japanese traditional ningyou, and, of course, several Asian-themed tutorials to help you learn a few new techniques.

Asian Traditions is available to purchase from MagCloud.

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