About Me 

I have always loved dolls and always loved making things. As a child I made hand sewn and crocheted items for my dolls and stuffed toys. I continued collecting dolls through high school, focussing on large, dressed porcelain dolls based on fairytale and storybook figures, but I was unsatisfied with dolls that sat still behind the glass doors of a cabinet.

In 2006 I discovered ball-jointed dolls when I saw ads from Dollmore and Volks in a fashion doll magazine. I was immediately enchanted by their otherworldly beauty and Asian aesthetic, so different from the look of Western dolls I was used to. With a little internet research, I came across a North American retailer that carried BJDs and bought my first one, a Doll in Mind Marianne. I assumed that the customizability of a BJD would mean I would only ever need one doll — boy, was I wrong about that! Today my doll family consists of nineteen BJDs ranging in size from 16 cm to 70cm.

Wonderland by Adelaide Claxton, ca. 1870.

The most wonderful thing about BJDs to me is what a creative outlet they provide — they are a constant muse and inspiration. I already enjoyed sewing, jewelry making, and creating all sorts of things with my hands, and now I have a houseful of dolls to sew for and dress. They definitely have prettier clothes and jewelry than I do!

I am constantly inspired by other collectors who share their dolls and things they have made online, and in that spirit I’d like to share my doll family and creations with you.


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